Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sott updates (engine update)

Well I was looking at adding a weapon and ammo drop to when the player dies, but a bug is in the code (C++) so I couldn't use the demo for it. So I was thinking maybe I could just use my Licence for it so we can get it fixed... but by luck has just released the new demo's using the 1.4 version of the Engine!

So far only for Win and Mac, but I'm sure Linux will be on its way! (it's even in the readme...)

The new Engine updates a huge amount, new graphic effects:
  • Lighting seems to be redone
  • Real-time shadows on shapes (weapon, ammo and other items)
  • The UI (buttons etc)

Problems I've found with it:
  • Some odd problems with the Scripting like player name and server name is not re-entered when restarting game.
  • More sound problems (revirted back to old 1.3 OpenAL32.dll seems better)
  • Lighting everywhere is too bright for current maps
  • Bold (highlighting) in Terminal no longer is working (maybe Markup mistake) Main problem!

With these problems I do feel keen to update the game to have these new features and so some other thigns are fixed but it maybe a while or never we'll have to see.

Until then the last 1.3 TGE release which has:
  • No editing or flying in Multiplayer mode (anti-cheating I suppose and also a safe guard anyway)
  • Clear terminal screen on respawn questions.
  • Tech tree changes so you can see better now, which team has what
Over all seems a good release no problems that I know of:
Download of Silence of the Terminals here


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