Friday, November 25, 2005

TGE 1.4 demo includes Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack!

The reason why the lighting is so different is because it includes the Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack!

So there are many great things we can do now! Like make lakes of lava have a glow effect added to them, it'll look great and more lava-ery! :-)

The player models can have better lighting on them etc etc it's great! I'm excited! d:-D, and as I remember performance loss by using this is not much, I think it in fact fixed up some routes so it's faster with standard lighting.

But it looks like didn't compile it for Interior Transparent Elements, which is a shame we could of had great glass walls dividing the computer labs etc. But we can still do it in more dodgy ways. :-P

Read more about the pack which is now in the demo .exe

I'm just getting the engine CVS to see if its included in my license now! :-) I hope so....

Well I don't have it :-( I may just have to buy it after I play with it now! :-)


Blogger botts said...

hey edward

i finally got the game downloaded and its really good.

great potential for engaging kids in their learning.

two minor bugs. one: the game crashed unexpectedly a few times in the stronghold pattern discernable. running along - crash. "do you wanna tell micro$oft" - faff off - restart away we go.

two: seems to take a long time to boot. i'm runnng p4 3.2gig, 1gig ram, xp pro, 5800 (i think) nvidia based graphics card. and i'm thinking in excess of 2 minutes to load to the first splash screen. just sits there with dos box....then after the long wait, into the game.

my other thought is that the game would be even better if there was a single player type mode, with computer generated baddies. my thinking for this is that there are many occasions when there are only a small number of students and sometimes they are spread across multiple courses. so a single player version would be good for the kid who is needing something to do, but is the only one in class doing that subject!!??!!??

have a great day


12:40 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hello Botts

Great to hear that you tried it :-)

If you could please send we the console.log file after you get this crash report to

I've had it take a long time to load on some systems also. I can't see what the reason is though as some load quicker then with low system requirements. I'm hopeing that the 1.4 version of the engine will be better in regard to this (no dosbox also).

At my TAFE (Blue Mountains) we only have an Intel intergrated video card and it works fine.

Yeah it would be good to have bots in the game, I'll have a look in to it.

I also plan to add a Client side feature that they can choose which set of questions they want to get from the server, so people learning different subjects can all play together.

Thanks for trying it out!


1:27 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

Hey Edward,

Does the fact that it comes with the demo mean that we can use it free as long as we just stick to the scripting? (ie, by modding the demo?)

Looking forward to trying out Dead Winter :-)

3:02 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hello Michael,
That passed my mind also, so I'm a bit unsure. It seems odd that there showing waht you can do with TGE, with additional features.

So far I'm just using the new EXE and related .dll's so no new code which uses that technology yet.


5:23 pm  
Blogger Leigh Blackall said...

Hey Ed. Have to work Monday morn now so I'm out for the workshop.

BTW, don't forget that people don't get notified if you answer comments.. they'd have to remember to come back into the post to see if you've answered.

What I do is set the blog to send me an email when comments are made, then I forward on my own comments to the visitor's email (if I can get it)...

Mine's leighblackallATgmailDOTcom

8:42 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hey Lee.
It would be good if there was an option to keep an eye on the post.


11:01 am  

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