Thursday, December 01, 2005

Silence of the Terminals action at TAFE

Leigh Blackall took photos of some of us at action!

Check the photos out on Flickr

Today is my last day at TAFE but I'll continue with development.

Planned Development:
  1. Selection of questions
  2. Server-side enforce questions
  3. Add hovercrafts (only in small numbers during play)
  4. Add health around the place (Quake/Unreal style)
  5. Scope HUD, Zoom up (4X, 8X, 16X 20X zoom levels etc)
  6. Add things like Double Damage and Quad Damage
  7. Add more sounds
  8. In-side levels (levels which are only in-side buildings Quake or Unreal like)

Any other ideas to add further development, or want to make anything, graphics, code, sound, music, levels, anything is welcome.


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