Sunday, March 26, 2006


Silence Of The Terminals release

New map "Thunderlands" with random lighning and heavy rainfall.
Also showing the Blue teams interface.

Well after a lot of interface and general tweaking we're here a long with a few surprizes.

The new map "Thunderlands" shown above is very small which not only looks nice but should be a challenge. Also allowing smaller games.

The interface now has colour coded elements so you can easily tell which side is which, the current weapon is displayed at the bottom element, so its easier to learn what is what.

Players will now be able to see the name of other players, just aim at the other player and around the crosshair will show the name of the player. (its only a small area). I wanted to have colour coded and "always show team names" but this is limited by this only being a mod of the TGE demo (no use of the C++ source).

Frozen Hell now has a light snowfall adding to its colour contrast.
This also shows the Red teams interface.

Another new addition is that zoom comes with its own scope for the sniper rifle and assault rifle. And different amount of Zoom on a per weapon basis. Also the Sniper Rifle now shows its own Engery bar while zoomed, making it easier to know when its charged.

Zooming is also now performed by holding down the right mouse button like most other games.

Example, Sniper rifle has a larger zoom then the pistol.

Showing the new sniper rifles scope. This is taken on the new map "Thunderlands"
note the heavy rain and misty view.

Future ideas:
  • New Mines weapon (code is partly there already)
  • New Player Score Board (partly there also)
  • Screenshot of map on games browser
  • Music adder, add your own music to be played (has to be .ogg and/or .wav though)
  • Java based editor for questions, so people can easily had questions to the game and then spread them throughout the class etc. (may even just be downloaded through the game on joining the server - should check)
  • Make labs and realistic computer lab buildings, like the TAFE etc. (With QuArk etc)
  • And general improvements throughout...

But my time is quite limited now days.

SOTT can be downloaded here as usual

Hope everyone enjoys this new version.


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