Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well some maybe thinking that I don't know what "Few" means...

My main computer has a few problems (MB/CPU) so I've only got my laptop. So things aren't that great, I've got all the data current.

I was working on a few other things like that makes players to be pushed away from the hit. But it crashes 15% of the time.

So I'll finish the map and update the download soon. :-)


Blogger Brigitte de Couvreur said...

Hello Edward,

Nice to hear your comments regarding Trent ... and what a beautiful specimen of a human being he is! I was fortunate enough to meet him at the band's soundcheck last August (like a total dream come true ... even if he was socially mute at the time). Having had a peek at your site I now feel very primitive and perhaps technologically intimidated! ... There is still some use for we primitive lot though in this computer world. I love creating beautiful forms with NIN backgrounds that have great lighting contrasts ... not that they serve any real purpose for anyone but myself. Now about creating a website based on real life - there could be a challenge ... luckily Michael seems quite patient. PS I viewed your site based on the name (I appreciate good humour) and coincidence it's the person who posted a comment to my blog! ... and so the world keeps shrinking!

10:29 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hello Brigitte,
I have being lately listening to NIN a lot. (I also like Oomph!, Rammstein and Zemfira, and well anything really)

Nice to hear that you've in fact met the man, did he say anything?

Making a website that you enjoy I feel is somewhat more important. As if you cannot be comfortable with your work you can never be proud of it or let anyone else think kindly of it.

I’m sure Michael will turn you in to a master, as he is a very good “teacher” with a view which is on your side.

The world can seem so small at times, and yet it can seem even larger because it seemed so small.

And yes I'm the correct person :-).

12:51 am  

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