Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SOTT release

This version seperates questions by there difficulty, this is done by the players current score.

So players starting the game will get only questions of difficulty level 1 and when they increase in score by kills or captured data discs. They will get difficulty level 1 and 2 questions. So higher difficulty questions are unlocked and this goes on to a 4th level.

But not at any means does it have to stop there it can really go to any level if so wished by someone making questions.

As mentioned before, I have added player adjusts to speed depending on the current weapon in use. Looking for any comments regarding this? This is done by giving weapons a amount of weight which adds to the player.

Also some more lower-level difficulty questions have been added and look much the same as ones which are already there. So take a good look, no more "oh this question... b" :-)

Download via the usual link SOTT


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