Sunday, February 05, 2006

S.O.T.T released

Silence of the Terminals

Lone Life - the new map for this version, has more need for team work then ever. Needs maybe the least amount of players.

Remember "duck and cover"...

Apart from the new Map, the "health viles" as mentioned before are in this version.

There is also a counter to show how many people are on which side so far, I'm still working on a new in-game list of players and there side/score and other information like there question section type.

This version was to have "rocket jumping" but it was crashing the game 15% of the time (during multiplayer games) so we haven't got it anymore :-(, which the new map was being designed for as it has objects which are in places which make it able for you to rocket jump over lava and in to towers. But most of that has being changed so its not needed anymore. Maybe one day... (if anyone wants to see this section of the code its in radiusDamage.cs and all weapon .cs files and search for "//add impulse" uncomment this line)

I hope everyone enjoys this version. I won't have a server up for this version as I have to use the laptop and my downloading this month is well over limit so far (got 11 more days too...).

Download Now! via the normal link, SOTT in a .zip at 24MB.



Blogger Michael said...

Unreal! Thanks Edward... look forward to trying it out on a Windows box at work!

8:37 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Michael, you should be able to try it on Linux by using the 1.3 TGE, but it may crash when you die as it did on Windows.

This may of only been a problem on windows for version 1.3?

12:42 am  

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