Saturday, December 03, 2005

Get your questions in now!

Silence of the Terminals; now is being tested with the new feature that allows you to pick your question list, weather it be HTML/CSS, C++, Media, Networking, anything it's up to you to help me to add questions.

If you know a lot about Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, anything? Then add your own page for questions or add to questions already on the list:
Silence of the Terminals WikiSpace

“But my questions need images” No problem there, a question can have an image which is 200x150 and in .png format (or .jpeg but you’ll loose quality).

So get them up there so I can add it to the game :-). I want to see people from all fields of learning to be working together.

NOTE: Please make sure that you put what the answer is so I know. Thanks!


Blogger Jean-Claude Bradley said...

If you can take true or false 256x256 bitmaps I have a pile of them for you in chemistry.

9:59 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hello Jean-claude,
Sure I know how many you have :-), I could make a special case for that.

If you could .zip them or .rar them to me that would be great!

10:56 pm  

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