Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sott news

Well today I finished adding in the server-side enforcing of questions. Which will now be going into testing.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Bradley We now have a heap of Chemistry questions. These are True/False questions. because of this we now have a option of putting in questions of this manner the terminal for these questions has a true and a false button. And may have a 256x256 image.

I also added some Java, C++, PHP, SQL and all of the media questions. Of of which are on the sott wikispace.

I've being working on a new weapon also to complete the arsenal ('1'-'9') (what about '0'! any ideas?) Well you'll have to wait until I bring out the next release which should be in a few days now.


Blogger Michael said...

Gee you work fast Edward! Great to hear Jean-Claude got his chemistry questions together... looking forward to hearing how he finds it!

Out if interest, are these questions not on the wiki so that students can't find the answers so easily? That might be something to think about!

2:56 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Hello Michael,
There not on the Wiki because there are so many! But you can put them up for me if you wish? :-)

I haven't really being working on it that much as it's so hot in my room!

Take care!

5:57 pm  
Blogger Mike Aquino said...

Hello Edward,

I am a student working with Dr. Bradley in Philadelphia.

If you need any support regarding the EduFrag project, feel free to let me know! Email me at mja43@drexel.edu


8:15 am  

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