Sunday, July 09, 2006

SOTT Update!

New Health Vile effect is more suiting.

After doing some work with SOTT, using full source code of the Torque Game Engine. I have a few things that I can port back to this MOD version.

New Features:
  • new Health Vile Particle Effect (they spin around the outside of the vile giving a nicer effect)
  • new Team Scoreboard, now you can see who is on your team.
  • Menu fixes
  • Gatlin is no longer Energy and Ammo based - more powerful and useful

Unfortunately things I couldn't port over:
  • Show same team player names above head at all times
  • AI practise mode
  • Advanced Arrays for scripts (if anyone has had a go at scripting would have noticed a lack of dynamic arrays)
To combat this some advanced AI scripting has been put in but, its not really great at the moment so its there but needs to be activated.

So to activate AI bots:
get the console by pressing: '~' tild key
type in as excatly shown without quotes "$AIPlayer::TeamCount = x;"
'x' is the number of Bots per side, I recommend no more then 2. If you want more try putting it on another computer to host and handle the bots.

At the moment only "Stronghold" and "Frozen Hell" have the mission capability for AI. (just copy the "paths" in the missions and move them to the correct places you want bots to spawn at)

Download at the normal location or here SOTT

Anyway back to TSE for me, Enjoy!

P.S. It should be able to Run on Linux and Mac Systems, and download the other binarys required from: GarageGames demos section


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