Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well some maybe thinking that I don't know what "Few" means...

My main computer has a few problems (MB/CPU) so I've only got my laptop. So things aren't that great, I've got all the data current.

I was working on a few other things like that makes players to be pushed away from the hit. But it crashes 15% of the time.

So I'll finish the map and update the download soon. :-)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

SOTT Developments

Health Viles have being added to SOTT, removal of the old health packs. These work as soon as you touch them like in most FPS games. There are quite a lot placed around the place and I think gives it something to fill up the areas.

Things I'm thinking of looking in to:
Damage booster (like Quad Damage, Double Damage etc)
Mega Health (200 Health)

Any other ideas?

I'm looking to release this version in a few days along with a new map (and some other little things).

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Current Development

Current development with SOTT is basiclly nil, don't feel there is anything to fix or do till some more feedback maybe in the next few months.

Apart from SOTT I have brought the new TSE(Torque Shader Engine) as an early adopter, which really looks great! The water is fantasic. What one expects of 3D games coming out.

What is TSE?
Torque Shader Engine, is the TGE engine with a new pipe-line in the graphics department, with what are called "Shaders" basiclly they allow programmers to transform images on models easily. For example make the image spin, or to fade and re-appear. It's also about programmable GPU's(Graphical Processing Unit), so we programmers can get closer to the card and to be able to really deal with images/3D points. Shaders make it easy for artists to make there low ploygon models look like there higher version ones. Or to make a character glow, magical aura.

Will SOTT be moved over to TSE? Well it could somewhat easily be now but it would have a few holes, and the systems that its running on as a majority don't have the processing power to do so(Requires at least a DirectX 9.0 Video Card).

If interested in TGE or TSE check out www.garagegames.com

nVidia's Quad SLI

What is SLI?
Was originally a technology developed by 3DFX, who was a Video Card company, one which makes there own chipsets (Voodoo series - which was the best at the time). They developed this technology SLI (Scan-Line Interleave) which allows people to put two Video Cards (Voodoo) in to there system and the cards would work together.

One card would have the top part of the screen and the other the bottom. This as you can understand would speed things up a lot in intensive Graphics programs, from CAD to the most intensive of all, 3D Games.

nVidia brought 3DFX after there cards where too costly for normal users and nVidia’s line was fast enough for nearly everyone.

Having brought 3DFX they got SLI, but for a long time didn’t use it. Only in the last couple of years with the development of “PCI Express 16x” which is (twice as “fast” as AGP 8x).

SLI now stands for “Scalable Link Interface” under nVidia. The new system uses two cards as before (6600 GT, 6800x, 7800x series) but now works out where to give which card what data, unlike before by splitting it in to two halves you get one most likely doing very little work for the top half(sometimes just sky) or the other way around in cases. So now it works out how to give both an equal load (most likely by 3D objects/models).

Quad SLI?
Just like nVidia’s SLI but with four cards! 7800 cards are costing each at around $750-1000.

SLI doesn’t double speed nVidia’s SLI gets about 40% (max) faster then just one card, so what would 4 cards do?