Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2005 Mr. Olympia - October 15th

I forgot it was October next month, so close to Mr. O.

I hope Jay Cutler will win or Chris Cormier, Dexter Jackson and of cause our very own Lee Priest. Wouldn't that be great an Australian Mr. Olympian.

Ronnie Coleman is a disgrace to the comp. I hope the new orders from Joe Weider to mark down people for having disjointed abs(GH Bellies, Big-Bellies etc), fake claves and other disgusting things will put Ronnie out of the top 5.

The Mr. Olympia for 2005 will be at Las Vegas. I hope it'll be in Australia again (1980) or at least something more interesting then America like it has been for the last few years.

"Jay Cutler" copyright www.jaycutler.com etc etc... anyway good photography!

Monday, September 26, 2005

New Brew - Porter

With the coming to holidays, I decided to start a new Brew. Last time it was Ginger Beer which was OK, oddly had a larger then expected content of Alcohol.

So this time I wanted to try something a bit different. I came by chance across Porter, which comes from the 1700 and is a mix of old Ale, modern Ale and a mild Ale. The first to be engineered for the public's taste. Its a dark ruby colour.

Its going so far a lot better then the last batch of ginger beer. The air lock is very active. Although temp is a bit low at 18C (Should be about 19-26C!). I should have looked at the weather forecast. Well at least believed in it...

A few more days till I can bottle, then 2 weeks in bottles before drinking.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Moon bases and mars travel are NASA's new plans starting in 2018!

This article was an interesting read about NASA's plans to go back to the moon in 2018 and stay there! and then venture out from there to Mars.


I could and so could of the rest of the world of made up this idea ages ago... According to the ideas back in the 50s and 60s I thought we should be all living on Mars also by now?

And what happened to our damn hover cars!? Better by 2015 (Back to the future II)!

Development by NASA, ok but its damn crap (last few attempts to go anywhere...) they seem to of gone back in tech really lately. And there just going to mix together there old landing pods and shuttle together to make this hunk of junk get to the moon and stay there.

I'm more interested in when anyone can use this crap to go places.

The X Prize is much more excitting for the world at large and the Russian Federation(only need $250,000US?).

I wonder if NASA will have those oxygen farms like in Aliens? :-P

I think I'll be dead when this kicks off in MMCXC!


Grrr... TAFE blocked our uploaded images to Blogs!

Will have to use URL links now and steal others bandwidth, great...

What will be next!?

CSS Optimization

CSS Optimiser

Quite a nice little web app. Gets rid of repetitions in the CSS file and removes white space! :-)

I would use it just before you upload to final it. I wouldn't work with its output as it won't have your formatting. If your strict about your format of code like me :-).

Every little increase in speed is worth its weight in gold! I think it's going to be my new friend :-).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

KMFDM Hau Ruck - Zemfira - WebCity

Well I got my Hau Ruck CD on Monday took 7 days to get here from Yankyland.

The music contains a lot more female vocal then usual. This is ok, except in the ones where it feels it’s the main theme, and doesn’t have there “Ultra Heavy Beat” feel.

My favourites are:

Free Your Hate

Hau Ruck

Every Day’s A Good Day (To Die)

Feed Our Fame

Ready to Blow

Auf Wiederseh’n

Zemfira’s Вендетта (Vendetta) is the other album I’m playing at the moment. In fact you can get this off her website in mp3 format from www.zemfira.ru Music section (Ayano)… the CD is 137RUB ($6.20AUD).

I found www.webcity.com.au they look to have some pretty good deals(web hosting). 81.95 ($5.95 monthly + $9.95 setup fee) for a year with PHP, MySQL (1), CGI etc… 100MB space and 10GB trans.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Opera, free!

This great browser gets better, now its free of ad's and fees. Opera has always been seen as the fastest browser around.

It fired off this Tab world we have now days.

Here is the press release:

Its good to see this happening it'll push IE off the map and improve FireFox thought competition.

I recommend that everyone gives this browser a good, at least install it. Its FREE!

So far I find that Opera and FireFox are the best to display web pages in compared to IE.

I wouldn't be surprized if Microsoft's comment about that they will win the web sparked there own death!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

SCG reference

How to use SVG

It has a feel like most rendering focused languages or API's.

All SVG is within a tag and we have many elements like line, cicle, pattern, marker and text. example:

ah sorry bloody blog doesn't like different texts and now its all white in the editer and can't see a thing.

I think it all pretty much makes sense, just need to be able to view it.

Here is the best resource I could find on SVG:
W3Schools SVG HOME

Couldn't find much else that I thought was very useful.

Java Desktop System in Indo

I just got a "java.io.IOException: EOF" which is end of file, sounds famillia :-P!

So here is what I wrote, just the simple version:
Indonesia adopts JDS as a national desktop
Sun is great www.sun.com
Look in to LookingGlass the true 3d environment not like Vista's onyl rendering if they still will have a 3D rendering desktop at anything!

grrr blog error

I just got a "java.io.IOException: EOF" which is end of file, sounds famillia :-P!

So here is what I wrote, just the simple version:
Indonesia adopts JDS on Linux as a national desktop
Sun is great www.sun.com
Look in to LookingGlass the true 3d environment not like Vista's onyl rendering if they still will have a 3D rendering desktop at anything!

Indonesia adopts JDS as a national desktop

This is good news for Sun :-), the JDS is the Java Desktop System, its Sun's standard users Linux. It has many great apps in it as standard and a nice interface.

Sun also has the very popluar Solaris Linux Distro. Which is mainly for servers.

Get the JDS/Solaris at SUN

Article about the adoption of the JDS

The name of the Java Desktop System is a little confussing because its not Java, like many thought at first it was a native Java OS (Which many would of liked) but it most likely gets the Java name from it having so many Java written programs which gives it a huge array of instant usablity.

Sun is a gret company, they are developing LookingGlass a Java3D (a 3D scenegraph like DirectX) which brings your desktop to a true 3D world, not just rendering but able to interact with appliactions ina 3D way, so they can be double sided, or fold up in to a book case fashion.

Windows Vista will have 3D rendering for its desktop (Unless they removed that also?) But this will only make it look smoother and slower. No imagination has been put in to it like that of LookGlass which is at the moment mainly on Linux based systems.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Javascript Slide show - gallery

This is a very nice slide-show done with javascript, very high quality animation.

Shows that you don't need Flash! :-)


Saturday, September 10, 2005

3D Game Development Out-Sourcing to India

India is really coming out with all side cannons firing.

Programming has been going over for a while now, cheap... As expected.

Today I found an e-mail in my inbox, from a company from India. I often get ones from a Company in the UK about if I want to publish my games to the Russian audience. But this one was about if I wanted to Out-Source the 3D modelling aspect of Game Dev to them.

I get these e-mails because they find my details at Garage Games. A great start for any one with C++ knowledge and wants a real engine to develop with.

I am rather shocked at this really. I don't like all this out-sourcing. I'm not a company just a hobbyist, so it is a rather good idea for me cheap and effective (I guess? it could be really shotty). I just don't like the idea that stacks of artist jobs will go to India and thus kick out our local 3D modellers.

With this said, I don't really have a reason as to why it’s wrong to Out-Source the work. But it just seems wrong to leave your fellow workers aside for an out-sourced work.

I don't see the larger companies using this(id Software, Atari, Remedy etc), as they won't have complete control over what happens with the works (mesh, skins, animations...). But smaller companies that produce 1000s of cheap games made in no-programming required environments like Virtools (mainly for console games) I'm sure they use it a lot.

And that makes me come to another thing, how can they let Virtools exist! Sure it’s a fantastic piece of software, congrats for the great job, but don’t use it! Some poor people get handed that for Game Development courses that they pay $1000's for.

3D Artists maybe wearing T-Shirts much like this soon also.

(T-shirt image from www.theregister.co.uk you can also buy a mug there)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Internet Addiction Test

Ok now nerds its time to find out if you really have a problem:
internet addiction test

I got 42:
"You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage."

Which is good to hear, I have to say that I am better now days, or is it because I have ADSL?

But I must say that I felt this test didn't really test me and my usage. I don't really have that great of control over my usage I went mad about out having it during some down time... That must be the worst experience to date, all we had was the 56K modem...

Stray Cat Strut

This is an image which is a mix of two images. With a motion blur effect.

Photographic adventures

Beginning Photography Tip #7: Look at the Light

The light brings the image to life I feel, it can give the image a completely different feel.


Monday, September 05, 2005

4G prototypes reach blistering speeds

A cell phone internet system capable of 100Mbits/s on the move and 1GBits/s static.

How long till we can use it, and will Australia get it, seeing that we're only getting in to ADSL2/+ now! Our ADSL wasn't even at full speeds, when will we catch up to the rest of the world? if we can!


The mistake of Australia becoming the world leaders in "Rain making" over Computers, is becoming even more of a worse choice... We don't even use the bloody rain making tech! - well only in Tasmainia.

Dinosaurs and the link to birds greater then thought?

The link of dinosaurs and feathers had to be made and couldn't be for a long time, fake fossils where "found" but turned out ot be a couple of animals put together in China. But then... these fake fossils, was in fact made up of a real dinoasaur with feathers!

And this article below is pointing towards that dinosaurs had a lot more fathered versions then we thought:

Its a shame the article isn't very techincal and seems to focus on the current Doc's made by the BBC and the film Jurassic Park which will now be incorrect.

I must say that dinosaurs with feathers is a great find and all. But I was ok with that, this news of the larger dinosaurs with feathers is a bit of a downer, who can take a giant coloured bird serious? I suppose, "Chicken Park" was more correct?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Web designers website search AU&NZ

Find a web designer in Australia or New Zealand, has web page of the week. Looks like it maybe useful to join if you plan on entering the career.

Or to just see your competitors! :^)