Friday, December 09, 2005

Silence of the Terminals goes up in very long versioning system!

Sott is now out and you can download from the usual link to the right :-)
or download the current Sott version here.

This verison is the first to have a clients choice of question lists and the server's able to force the type of questions used.

Many updates to weapons, mainly graphical.

The new weapon is the Gatlin (A Gatling gun) this weapon requires both energy and ammo. While very powerful it doesn't sustain longer enough fire to dominate and should only be used for protecting areas at close range as it'll cut down easily. But at long range a submachinegun would even be better for the job!

Questions may now also be in a True/False format.

Question lists included:
C++ (rather small)
Chemistry (huge!)
Java (rather small)
PHP (rather small)
SQL (rather small)

I'll put a server up on my laptop over the next few days, if anyone is looking for a game. (Just query the Master Server)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sott news

Well today I finished adding in the server-side enforcing of questions. Which will now be going into testing.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Bradley We now have a heap of Chemistry questions. These are True/False questions. because of this we now have a option of putting in questions of this manner the terminal for these questions has a true and a false button. And may have a 256x256 image.

I also added some Java, C++, PHP, SQL and all of the media questions. Of of which are on the sott wikispace.

I've being working on a new weapon also to complete the arsenal ('1'-'9') (what about '0'! any ideas?) Well you'll have to wait until I bring out the next release which should be in a few days now.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Get your questions in now!

Silence of the Terminals; now is being tested with the new feature that allows you to pick your question list, weather it be HTML/CSS, C++, Media, Networking, anything it's up to you to help me to add questions.

If you know a lot about Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, anything? Then add your own page for questions or add to questions already on the list:
Silence of the Terminals WikiSpace

“But my questions need images” No problem there, a question can have an image which is 200x150 and in .png format (or .jpeg but you’ll loose quality).

So get them up there so I can add it to the game :-). I want to see people from all fields of learning to be working together.

NOTE: Please make sure that you put what the answer is so I know. Thanks!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Silence of the Terminals action at TAFE

Leigh Blackall took photos of some of us at action!

Check the photos out on Flickr

Today is my last day at TAFE but I'll continue with development.

Planned Development:
  1. Selection of questions
  2. Server-side enforce questions
  3. Add hovercrafts (only in small numbers during play)
  4. Add health around the place (Quake/Unreal style)
  5. Scope HUD, Zoom up (4X, 8X, 16X 20X zoom levels etc)
  6. Add things like Double Damage and Quad Damage
  7. Add more sounds
  8. In-side levels (levels which are only in-side buildings Quake or Unreal like)

Any other ideas to add further development, or want to make anything, graphics, code, sound, music, levels, anything is welcome.